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permission to not walk by ph0t0Time for some not-so average music again. It’s been a while since I came across some mixes I wanted to post about, being in the middle of a huge CD ripping thing I mentioned earlier. It makes me re-listen to those classic discs I had lying around I almost forgot about. Sweet.

This week however I ran into a link with a mix from The Black Dog, titled You Are Strange 2. They are probably right. Anyway, the mix has some IDM, dubstep, noisy electronica and some shit I can’t really make out. All good yummy alternative tunage though, so check this out if you feel like hearing some Autechre, Pan Sonic or Kode9. Hell, why not get adventurous and check it out even if those names don’t ring a bell at all.

You have nothing to lose besides some bandwidth right?
Download link is embedded after the jump. Enjoy!

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