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all you can eat 128kbps live drum'n'bass weekend

It's gonna be a party alright, you bet! (pic by Lethally Dosed)You like drum’n’bass? Yeah? Cool. How about some live DJ sets? Even better?
Well, how about a 65 hour marathon of live sets mixed by over 50 DJs from all over the bloody globe hitting you in brand spanking new 128kbps quality?

If this sounds like your cup of Java, well then head over the starting this Friday the 19th and get ready for 3 days of the Infinity Tracks live DJ marathon.

Rabid (NZ), WoZ (AU), Juxtapose (RU), Docius (FI), Tripnotix (DE), Dosis Decibel (NL), Nasty Trickz (BE), Equinox (UK), Avontz (BR), 0=0 (CA), Dirtbox Radio (MD US), BelowCLevel (LA US), Aztek & Darkstar (AZ US) and San Diego Shakedown (CA US) are just a handfull of DJs that will be performing over the weekend. To get the full schedule for your timezone check out the jungletrain shows.

To tune in over the weekend (or any other time, just slap into your favourite media player (that better be WinAmp btw) and enjoy the crispy stereo beats, or check out this link for more info about the event.

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