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Belgian Royal Palace in BrusselsWe haven’t split up yet, just in case you’re wondering how that small country named Belgium has been up to lately. Turns out it wouldn’t be such an easy task after all. I read this article in the local paper that stated that if Flanders would separate itself from the rest of what would still be called Belgium then, we would instantly drop out of the European Union. Yikes.

Now it’s not like they would be able to stop us from using the Euro oslt. But it would mean a lot of legal stuff would become very fuzzy. Investors looking for places to put their money in would skip our little land, because fuzzy legal stuff isn’t exactly what they are looking for. Economically it would be a bad idea to step out of the European Union like that, and we all know that you joining it is about as smooth as getting to pandas to get jiggy with it.

The neat part is that there’s quite some internet activity going down about this whole thing as well, with new sites popping up, and polls to take and all that kind of interweb fun. Here are some links to stuff like that, in Dutch I’m afraid:

  • De BelgoMeter to find out if you’re a separatist, or a unionist. I’m pretty much in the middle I found out.
  • Red de solidariteit which is a petition for those who don’t want “the Be” to split up.
  • and last but not least, I love Belgium, about… well, you can guess that one right, even if you don’t speak Dutch or French which all posts are written in. Nice touch.
    (Via Ine btw).

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