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histeria de la ripley

Warning, DJs about.I usually save links to dj sets I’ve downloaded, so I know where to link to when I want to mention them here for instance. I have this set of DJ Ripley however that I really can’t remember where I got it. In fact, the original site doesn’t even turn up in my Google searches for it, so I have no idea where that site went. Weird. Luckily, there’s more sites out there that seem to be hosting the same set though, so I just picked the one that looked the most reliable, and used that one. Ha!

So what’s it about? Some folks call it breakcore, but Ripley spins a whole range of genres together in an amusing and edgy set. Yes there’s breakcore in there, but there’s plenty of jungle, dub, ragga, idm and crazy remixes in there for all to find something to their liking. If you’re into raw electronic sample based music that is. It’s worth downloading for that bit of Society Suckers’ Toxic remix alone, which makes that Britney tune sound as dirty as getting it on with a drug rehab patient.

You can get it at! Track listing included! You’ll dig it!
Check her blog for more mp3 goodness btw.

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