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Links. Not really, but a nice picture anyway!Yes. It’s that time again.
We have been too busy screwing around with all sorts of everything and nothing much that we didn’t have time to spend on a proper blog post. So we end up posting a bunch of links to nifty sites that we’ve come across in the past few days. Or weeks. Or time…

There’s a bit of everything, so let’s get down to it shall we?

  • : I came across this one while looking for mp3 dj sets using Gooogle. I have no idea who runs this, but apparently it contains a huge, and I mean HUGE database of music previews. Search by artist or genre and you’ll probably find that CD you’re looking for in 64k preview mp3 format. Nice if there are no samples online for that CD you’re willing to buy. Yes, you should buy CDs from artist you dig. So they don’t starve to death, the poor sods.
  • DNAStream : This is the web-rip off of the Joost internet TV app. I have to say that I haven’t really been using Joost too much since I tried it out in the beginning. For some reason I tend to watch TV on the TV and not while I’m sitting in front of my PC. You mileage may vary however, so if you dig it, you can now do it without having to install the client software. It even works through firewalls. Yes. Watching TV at work is now an option. Getting fired as well.
  • This Bioshock game review is probably the funniest game review I’ve ever heard. That’s not too hard really because I’ve never heard a game review before. I usually read them, and then still, I hardly read game reviews anyway so there isn’t much competition. But this one is really funny. Check it if you have a few minutes to spare.

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