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Screenshot of the Jottit siteJust found out about Jottit (via lifehacker) and I have to say it looks so sweet I’m dying to set something up with it.

It’s a super-easy way to create a website using the wiki editing principles, but it also allows plain HTML to be inserted for images or whatever. Always handy if you have some HTML mojo. The instant preview is nice too. That way you know if your code works right away. Oh, it looks like you need to stay away from JavaScript code though. That sorta made my page go away.

There’s no need to register (very nice) just to toy around with it either. If you want to stop others from screwing around in your pages you might want to claim your site though, for which you’ll need to use your email address. But as long as you don’t link to it, all you need to do is save the URL that is automatically created for you and you’ll have your new site always at hand.

The layout possibilities are minimal, but it makes the sites look slick. No hideous MySpace effects thank you very much. It also allows for an open structure, meaning you can allow visitors of the site to make edits, and thus creating a true wiki of your own.

Wicked stuff.

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