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hoegaarden back on track

Remember I wrote about the Hoegaarden beer brand that moved based on a spreadsheet management decision to the town of Jupile? Well, it turns out they are moving back to their old location in Hoegaarden. Ha!

Nothing is officially mentioned of course about any brewing difficulties, but that particular spin is still floating around all over the place. No siree. It’s all about an unexpected expansion of international sales that’s causing this 180° turn. The original brewer who invented the beer says different however. “Any brewer should know you can’t brew a Hoegaarden anywhere else” he says. But InBev stopped being brewers a long time ago.

It’s pleasing to hear Belgian beers are doing good abroad, but I’m not so fond of InBev any more these days I tell ya. If you’re looking to try a bloody good Belgian beer and you see something called “Duvel” on the card, have a go at that one. It’s one of my favourites, but watch out with it cause it’s a tricky bastard. It’s not called “devil” in Flemish for nothing you know.

Yep, that tasty looking beverage the girl in photo is getting a taste of is one. So now you know what to look for.
You don’t need to lick up the foam though. It’s not a Belgian tradition or anything.
We stopped doing that last year.

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