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there's something about paris

Paris Hilton is a slut. That's what it says on the wall. Really.So Paris Whitney Hilton has been showing off her boobs again somewhere in a magazine, which isn’t anything new really. We’ve all seen those before somehow haven’t we? In full motion. Infrared, or with jizz on them…

Anyway, I know this, not because I read this in some glossy gossip mag with a photoshopped model on the cover. There’s usually nothing to “read” in those magazines anyway, so that would simply be a silly thing to say. No, it’s all because of the hits I’ve been getting on this site coming from Googles image search in the last few days.

Those kinky referrer searches are usually a constant, as certain words in combination with celebrity names seem to direct plenty of horny web surfers straight into these pages. No doubt they end up quite disappointed as they noticed the hit Google gave them didn’t quite add up to their expectations.

Recently however the P.H. searches has turned up in quite high frequencies, in combination with keywords indicating the absence of clothes or other garments. You know, like we’re used to seeing her.

It’s the nature of the beast I guess, and the phrase “the internet is for porn” didn’t just come out of nowhere did it.
I guess I just shouldn’t bother, and be amused about it. There’s nothing I can do about it anyway, and maybe, just maybe, someone looking for boobies will in his manic web search bookmark this site or add it to their rss reader to cum back to it later. You know.

At least they’re real people, and not bloody spambots right?

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