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how to rip a multi-track mix cd to a single mp3 file (part 2)

Water on a CD is generally not such a good idea, but it looks nice doesn't it?I posted about how to rip a mix-CD before, with the mix split up per track, and it involved in total 3 pieces of software before you got your huge single mp3 mix file.

Turns out you can do this with CDex alone, in a single run… doh!
It makes me feel kinda silly that I didn’t look into some of those other features earlier, before looking for additional tools online to solve my apparently non-existing problem.

If instead of the button “Extract CD track(s) to Compressed Audio File(s)” you select “Extract a section of the CD to WAV or Compressed Audio File(s)”, which is just below it, you can select which range of tracks to rip to a single WAV or compressed file. By selecting the first track as the starting position and last track as stop position… well, you guessed it. It rips the whole CD to a single file.

Silly me.

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