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more mac bashing

Computers all look the same on the inside anyway.I was looking back at some of my posts and had to laugh again at the Mac vs PC parody I mentioned earlier. That gamer video for instance is so funny because it turns the whole “Mac is so much cooler than PC” thing upside down.
Mac is basically selling an image, and not just a computer. You see that with all their products, and props for that.
It just surprises me sometimes how passionate people get sometimes over their Apple hardware when I see yet another snapshot of an iPhone or iPod with laser engravings posted on Flickr.

“You are not your iPod” Tyler Durden would say.
The Mac zealots are raging in the comments of the following two fun and pretty good (imho) “Mac sucks” videos on Youtube as well. You’ve probably seen this one before, where the so called video editor goes off in a fit as he describes his frustration with Mac. A lot of those arguments could go perfectly for crashing Windows systems as well though, but it’s still pretty damn funny anyway.
The other vid looks like it’s made in second life oslt, follows the typical Mac vs PC format, and gets quite funny near the end.

Anyway, enjoy, have a laugh, and let’s note take these kind of thing too seriously shall we?

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