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kode9 at sonar

Sonar 2007 looked like a lot of fun.The guys over at keep listing the cream of the crop when it comes to drum’n’bass and dubstep dj sets, and what I found in my rss stream today was something I just had to spread further to you lot, whoever you are.

Kode9 is one of the big guns in the recently erupted UK dubstep scene, and the set he played in Barcelona on the Sonar festival is available for all us audiofreaks for download.
You can get it right here (via), and if you scroll down after the jump you can read some more info on the man himself, and dubstep in general.

To find out which sweet dubplates and other black crack is played in this set, you’ll have to head over to the original breaksblog post and see for yourself.
To lazy to copy-paste you say? Naah, those guys deserve those 2 extra hits they’ll be getting from this one, for all the hard work and sweet mp3s I’ve been getting from them.


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