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Excellent portrait of Sinsong.If you have a digital camera, and you’ve been browsing to the stunning photo’s you can find on Flickr you probably realise that you can do a lot more with that little piece of electronic light capturing device than shooting a few typical birthday party pictures by now.

Of course, it’s always handy to get some tips in this area, and I just happened to come across a bunch of great tips regarding digital photography myself, which I’m so kind to share right here, in my trusty old blog. Ain’t that sweet?

The tips are located at under the Digital Focus topic. Tips ranging from topics like your camera ‘s settings and what they are for, to digital darkroom processing and specific tips on how to shoot particular types of photo’s like a good portrait, photography at night, or taking pictures of your pets.
Also very interesting and filled with tips and how-tos for digital cameras is the tips section.

Interesting stuff there at Clearly written in short articles. Just the way we like it.

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