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419's and ebola

You probably had these in your email as well, the so called Nigerian 419 scams and deleted them right away thinking nobody could ever fall for that kind of scam.

Well, the shitty part is that people fall for them every day. That’s the only reason why they are still around. So sometimes I think of just starting to reply to this scammer in question and send him on a wild goose chaise for that Yankee dollar he’s so after. Go figure, and I’m not even a Yankee!

Some people have however executed this thought, and have spend their time scamming the scammer in all sort of hilarious and rather entertaining ways if I may say so.
If you feel like killing some time and see how these scammers’ persistence gets them to pose in pictures holding rude (and therefore quite funny) signs to be posted on the internet, then my all means go all clicky-clicky on the two folling links.

Behold! It’s and

Also check out the hate mail Ebola Monkey man is getting. You wouldn’t believe how easily some people get offended. It’s so funny.

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