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Backup your stuff. Really.An interesting article I came across quite a while ago but didn’t get around to writing a post about is wordpress’ backup facility.

Now the easiest way of doing this IMO, is by activating and using the backup plugin which comes with WP by default. Just activate it and you’ll get a Backup link in the Manage section of your blog. In there you can set a few backup parameters, for instance to have the backup emailed to an address of your choice automatically after taking it. I use this one, so I have backups in my gmail mailbox of my blog when Murphy would for some reason get my ass in his deadly sniper scope.

Other ways of backing up your beloved blog can be found right here, such as using the phpMyAdmin tools, or by using straight MySQL commands on your database. Hardcore geekage indeed.

Also interesting, and worth trying out just to make really, really, really sure your backups aren’t completely worthless after all, is restoring your WP database.
You wouldn’t be the first to figure out you did something very silly and trivial wrong when taking your backups. It’s just ├╝ber-suckage to figure that out when you need that backup up and running though.

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