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resynthesize's grime, breakz and techno mix

Yes, it's a party, and you're invited!I came across this mix during this busy week, and even though it’s not the typical high paced electronic bleeps and pops I prefer to listen to, this mix is pretty banging anyway.
This energetic party mix is by a lad known as Resyntesize and in this one he mixes up various delicious musical styles such as techno, nu-breakz (or just breaks, whatever), some grime and some dubstep in 69 sexy minutes.

Sounds hip as fuck doesn’t it? So get downloading that sweet 92 megs of broken beats, burn it to a cd-r for your mobile enjoyment, or drag it over to your hipster mp3 playah, whatever. Just enjoy, that’s all.

Resynthesize – Stilldream 2007 mix


01. Resynthesize – The Green Wall
02. Resynthesize – To The Brain
03. Mathhead – Parasites
04. Solieb – Angular Momentum
05. Chris Carter and Fine Cut Bodies – Frogmarch
06. Intoccable – Ladies Night
07. Markomen – Behind my Dirty House
08. Virus Syndicate – Slow Down
09. SOTEG – Stuck in Bastrop
10. Andy Page – Porcelain Elvis
11. Chris Liebeng & Speedy J – Triflon
12. Solieb – Respell
13. Halfadder – Alice Demerrye
14. Sik Rebel – Mutant One
15. MRK1 – I got to
16. Vex’d – Smart Bomb
17. Ian Foxfire – Ache
18. Halfadder – My Communist cat
19. Slaughter Mob – Dub Weapon
20. Komonazmuk – Love
21. MIA – 10 dolla
22. Milanese – Mr Ion
23. New Flesh – Home Movie
24. Tha Fruitbat – All up innit
25. Audiovoid – Turbo Shuffle
26. The Disciple Grin – Grin like you mean it
27. Tipper – Squiggle
28. Dr Dre – Forgot about dre (Kraddy remix)

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