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Wooden elephant sculpture on the beachI got a United digital photo frame for my birthday recently (thx Sies!), which is nice, and when I put some of my pictures on it shot with my digital cam I found out that the format it displays wasn’t the typical screen resolution format used by my cam.

Being a geek I wanted to figure out the optimal resolution to use for the frame of course, so I set off with a bunch of test images to see which ones would cover the whole screen, to get rid of those darn black edges I got left and right with “normal” digital pic resolutions.

In a way it’s silly that I refer to the digital formats as being normal, since this is a photo frame after all. It didn’t really occur to me that the screen size is that of a typical 10 x 15 photo… I also learned that this relates to a 900 x 600 digital picture, and I found out that Googles Picasa has presets for all major photo formats and the 10 x 15 format I was looking for.

So using Picasa2 I can now easily manipulate, cut and crop pictures that span over the whole digital photo frame’s screen, maximizing the screens potential and satisfying my inner geek. Sweetness!

This also explains why the digital flicks we submitted for printing came back in this odd photo format.
Live and learn I guess. Live and learn.

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