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a lolcat a dey keepz teh doktar uway

It’s sort of taking off an become a big hype on the intahnet. The lolcatz are taking over! I swear.
What are they? Well, it’s pictures of cats, which is a good thing, since catz simply pwn, and then some funny badly spelled, sort-of Engrish text is slapped on it to make the whole thing into something that makes you ROFLYAO.

At least that’s what this stuff does to me. This stuff really made me LOL when I first ran into it, so it’s lolcatz for sure. And patterns are emerging too, which makes it more fun, like the lolrus and the bucket saga, invisible stuff and all kinds things with flavours.

Check em out. Pull that feed in your RSS reader, and have a laugh at these funnies every day.


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