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dnb fix with paradox, nucleus and many more

Yes, time for another drum’n’bass beat fix filled with chopped amens, hot pants and funky mules.

Through the jungletrain forum and the excellent blog I managed to get my hands on the digital recordings of the Subversive Renaissance 18 party featuring drum’n’bass “sets” from Paradox, Nucleus, John Doe, Trax and Big Eye, and a sweet dubstep (yes, that hip new thing) set from T-Mus.

The coolest part is, you can also get your hands on it, right here.

Now I paraphrased the “set” because what Paradox did can’t really be called a DJ set. Well, he said it himself, he’s not a DJ, but definitely worth checking out anyway. He plays the records that influenced him the most, and chats about them in between.

None of that wobbly bollocks from the Paradox, so expect solid jungle folks.

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