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fracture4 and counterstrike beat fix

Time for another beat fix straight down the vain I reckon.

This time it’s a hard and dark industrial hardcore set from dj and producer fracture4. No track listing for this one unfortunately, but that’s no reason not to download this hour of hard kicking beats and scary synths.
You can get it right here from his website.

But that’s not all!
This kick ass darkstyle drum’n’bass techsteppy kinda set from Counterstrike is another ear tester if you’re not into the more techno-y beats of the previous set. Nothing but hard breaks and steppers in this one, mixed together into a 109 minute longlive set. No track listing either. I guess those things ain’t hot anymore these days oslt.

Whatever, it’s the sound that matters, so here’s Counterstrike live at Destruction, served as an acidgrave torrent.

Big up the ‘ardcore man.

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