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nintendo pron fo shizzleMore things to make (Belgian) geeks get even harder this week. With the start of April the Belgian internet provider Telenet finally decided to drop a part of it’s ancient bandwidth limitations. “Yay for that” I say, because now us trusty Telenetters can decide for ourselves how many of the 12 Gigs we have available we want to spend on upload or download. Yep, we didn’t have that choice before, so now we can really starting seeding those torrents if we want to.

I know, I know. This probably sounds odd for you guys with unlimited up and download formulas out there in the US or our Northern neighbors, but competition just ain’t fierce enough in our little country to force the major players on the market to drop those pesky limits and give us the power we so crave. Anyway, this is a step in the good direction in my book ‘o geekness. So be sure to go get those hardcore drum’n’bass and breakcore torrents I posted about before, and help me spend my bytes for a good cause.

Hardcore breaks are good right?

You bet!

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