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blogging now considered life threatening

Not Kathy, but another woman protecting herself.I heard about people getting fired because of their blog before, but getting death and sexual violence threats? That is just plain sick. We’re talking Kathy Sierra here, a tech writer btw, not some zealot activist for some extremist cause. I mean, if you would read about someone getting threats from pro-lifers after posting about a pro-choice, well, that would be understandable. Yet still not acceptable though.

We’re talking free speech here. If you don’t like what being said, either don’t listen, or deal with it in a civilised manner.
But getting death threats for writing about technology, mainly because it’s said to be boring? Euhm… WTF!?

I’m curious as how this will turn out in the blogosphere, as this is not your regular and rather innocent flame war.

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