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So I went ahead and upgraded to the latest and greatest WordPress version, being v2.1.2. Always a bit tricky this kind of thing, but I have to say that I never ran into any real issues when upgrading so kudos for the guys working on WP and making the upgrade truly easy and only taking a few minutes!

It took a wee bit longer though for me, because I noticed some issues with my custom theme, but that was just because I’m using the get_links() function, which takes a category ID as a parameter. Apparently in the upgrade the categories used for the blogroll have now been merged with the categories for the posts, which means the IDs changed. Which means I had to update the sidebar code so the new IDs where used.

But that’s the only snag I hit. Which is nice.
I’m also using a new plugin for the feedburner rss redirection. I used a hack before in wp-feed.php, but since the file changed in the new version, and using a plugin is a so much more elegant solution. Let’s hope it works!

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