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2006 for in numbers

Nice looking weather gauge isn't it?Happy new year all!

I just took a peek at the stats for, using the wonderfull open source AWStats log file analysis tool and noticed I’ve been getting quite some hits recently, so hurray for me! The stats sum up to a good 6021 unique visitors for the whole year, with half of those concentrated in the last two months, which is surprising. One of the major contributers in link traffic turns out to be a social linking site I hadn’t even heard of before named I’m curious to what the stats will do in the coming months if the stumbleupon effect has faded away again.

My “read any good code lately” article was favorited there a number of times for instance, and gave me a bit over 700 referrer hits and 817 hits in total, which is very nice. Other articles of note for 2006 judging from page hits turned out to be “wordpress vs comment spam 1:0“, the “where it’s at” myspace rant and “running windows as non-admin” with each well over a 100 individual hits.
Most frequently linked categories (+100 hits) turn out to be (unexpected) fun, (expected) mp3, breakcore, music and geek.

Besides most of the referrer hits come from the Google search engine, and quite a lot from the image search actually, so I guess it pays to put some pretty illustrations up along with your blog posts. Most hits (73.8%) however are coming in directly from bookmarks or (I’m guessing) RSS readers.

In the referrer list I also noticed something that I can only describe as “referrer spam“. There seem to be a whole lot of single hits coming from porn sites/portals, where I’m pretty sure no links are present to my blog. My guess is this is caused due to bad referrer data passed by browsers (?) or by spoofed http headers to try and lure innocent webmasters into visiting their site containing pictures of naked girls! It seems a bit far fetched I know, but still, I’m seeing a awful lot of these in my stats, so it isn’t just a random fluke apparently.
If you’d happen to know the reason behind these naughty referrer hits, let me know, I’d love to find out.

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