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james brown is dead

LA style said it long ago, but this time it’s for real. The Godfather of Soul is dead.
I wouldn’t normally post on a topic like this, even though the man did provide some of the breaks still used in jungle and drum’n’bass music today. But in the Jungletrain tribute post a mix from a certain DJ Bluewater was posted, which I couldn’t resist to post in here as well.
To quote DJ Bluewater himself:

After waking up this morning and hearing the sad news – i had to go through all my JB records (like im sure a lot of you have done) have a listen, and pay some respects.

Here’s what i put together a few hours ago, to help celebrate the legacy of soul brother #1.

this isnt all funk – i wanted to encompass a number of 45s from throughout his career – from records early on, to records we all know and love.

so have a download, check out the 45s, crack open a drink, and raise your glass in tribute to the godfather of soul.

You can get the mix right here.

1. Please, please, please.
2. I don’t mind.
3. Why do you do me.
4. I’ve got to change.
5. Is it yes or is it no.
6. The bells.
7. I can’t help it (I just do-do-do).
8. It’s a man’s man’s man’s world.
7. Ain’t that a groove.
8. I got you (I feel good).
9. Got the feelin’.
10. Licking stick – Licking stick.
11. There was a time.
12. Cold sweat.
13. I can’t stand myself (when you touch me).
14. Get up. I feel like being a sexmachine.
15. Get up, get into it, get involved.

RIP James.

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