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best dj sets of 2006

A girl who just couldn't stop herself from getting naked while listening to these great dj sets.So I dug up the best sets that found their way off the internet and onto my hard drive somehow and decided to put them down in a neat little “best of 2006” list since the good old ’06 has already begun spinning it’s outro.

So what are the best sets you reckon? Well, I decided to use statistics on this one. The best ones are probably the ones I played the most in my trusty Winamp player right, so I head over to the site and checked my most frequently played tracks, filtered the sets from them,├ęt voila, there you have it.

Since I blogged about most of these, I made it easy on myself and linked to the blog posts, after checking if the original links where still up and running. For those that are off line by now (which seem to be a lot), I went through the trouble of putting up torrents at the forum. Just for you. Ain’t that sweet?
Blame the leeches if it’s going too slow to download them though, and feel free to say “thank you for the music” and speed things up by seeding the file after you’re done. You’re a dear of you do.

Enjoy the music, and the final bits of 2006.

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