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down with the dubstep

Dubstep is the latest new hot thing being talked about in drum’n’bass land it seems, so it was about time I checked out what the fuss is about, and get me some DJ sets off the internet.

Not finding a lot at at first, besides this great Juju set (backup download). I tried a little Google search and came up lucky with a bunch of dubstep mp3s at the website of a San Francisco based DJ collective called the Subscience Collective. Thanks guys!

I snatched the high quality BBC Breezeblock Dubstep wars set from there, and this really banging set by a bloke named Distance, and this Bassick Frequencies one by DJ Ripple. I figured DOA must have a good amount of grime sets up as well, and after a little search I ironically came out on a set by Dice, a fellow Belgian, who happened to play a dubstep set on the Subversive Renaissance 13 party, hosted by the often-pimped-in-this-blog online radio station

It’s a small world innit?

Dubstep doesn’t have that much to do with dnb really, but the dark sound is somewhat similar to the more techstep style tracks. It’s a hell of a lot slower, drawing heavily on dub (duh) and really mad sub bass. The Breezeblock set is great to get some info on the dubstep scene and who the big names are in it right now. If you want to just hear dubstep without the talking in-between, check out the other sets, which are all quality.

Enjoy, and remember play it loud, cause that’s what it’s made for.

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