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happy 1st of november

Happy Halloween folks.

And for those not happy about Halloween, a happy non-Halloween! May your day be void of dressed up children and carved out pumpkins.

Instead of a rant about how Halloween is being shoved down our throats by commerce, how about something to laugh about. Yes, something I find really funny, and it’s a cartoon blog I discovered a while ago, which keeps coming up with brilliantly sarcastic and dark humoristic jokes.

Wondermark ownz. It’s 3 times the same picture, ripped from some old illustration or clipart, but it’s bloody hilarious anyway.

Hope you like it, cause I wouldn’t put it up here if I’d think you wouldn’t.
Todays comic is, of course, about Halloween, and a bit more surprising, pedophilia.

None of which are Belgian traditions. Really.

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