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barbie doesn't seem to like myspace a lotI ranted about myspace before, and frankly, my experience with it hasn’t really changed my opinion about the social networking site just yet.

Au contraire, my French southern neighbours would say, as I discovered recently that it is quite impossible to publish your own music on myspace if you have by mistake created a plain myspace profile. You see, there are 2 kinds of profiles on myspace, one for artists and one for groupies, euhm, non-artists.

Once you have chosen a side, there is no switching back apparently. No options to switch anywhere, and I checked the FAQ. Nothing in there either. So I tried the email support form. Should get me a straight answer whether or not this kind of thing is possible or not right? And it’s computers ffs, bits and bytes, I’m sure that the difference between a normal profile and an artists is done in the mere flick of a bit, setting a boolean, a single SQL statement on the database right?

barbie takes care of myspace tech supportWell, you do get some answers though. Standard FAQ answers about stuff which is only remotely related to your question.
So in different flavors, while trying to be as clear as possible as to what I wanted (changing the account to an artists account), I got the following answers:

  • 2 x the FAQ answer on how to add a song to your profile page
  • 1 x the FAQ answer on how to become a featured artists…

They’re fucking with me right? How can I be a featured artists if I can’t get an artist profile?
I’m suspecting that they are either outsourcing their email support to people who unfortunately don’t understand English very well, or they have email bot-scripts that scan your mail and automatically reply using a FAQ answer containing the most keywords from your original email.

Deleting your account, and recreating an artists account is the quickest way to do this apparently.

So I just got on it and did exactly that.

Had to do that twice though. I got some server errors in the middle of the registration process the first time and ended up with an oddly crippled account.

And for sticking up with this rant, and reading it all through, you get to download the tune that’s on my bloody myspace in full quality from

Ain’t that sweet?

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