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voidheads dj set from hell

map of hellTime for another hardcore drum’n’bass mix. This ain’t 100% drum’n’bass, but contains some nasty, raw breakcore mixed up with some of the hardest drum’n’bass tracks around at the moment… just the way we like it.
I picked this excellent piece of an mp3 up over at the jungletrain forums, mixed together by the one like voidhead.
Here’s what you can expect to feast your ears on, and here’s the download link.

01. drumcorps – terrible things / forgive and forget [cock rock disco]
02. dj hidden – death at a distance [outbreak]
03. silent killer & tek infection – insurgents [hate]
04. raiden – infection (e-sassin remix) [renegade hardware]
05. unknown error – flip funk [defcom]
06. phobia – warlock (dj friction remix) [renegade hardware]
07. kryptic minds & leon switch – hide the tears (remix) [metalheadz]
08. kryptic minds & leon switch / dylan – suicide note [freak]
09. limewax – cracking core [tech itch]
10. evol intent – street knowledge [renegade hardware]
11. kc – extreme steel (counterstrike arena remix) [human imprint]
12. gein – hate [freak]
13. current value – strange peace [tech itch]
14. kryptic minds & leon switch – more like you (unknown error remix) [defcom]
15. limewax – the lawra [freak]
16. limewax – ritual station [avalanche]
17. b-key – the test [freak]
18. dylan & b-key – the whorror [freak]
19. drumcorps – down [cock rock disco]
20. drumcorps – botch up and die [cock rock disco]


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