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BAF is getting it or what?

I just read this dutch news article on how the Belgian movie industry is loosing about 30 million a year due to piracy, which is about 7 percent of the total income. Arrrrrr.

Not a real surprise of course, since this is pretty much a global phenomenon, but the thing that did knock me off my socks was the suggestion uttered by BAF, the Belgian Antipiracy Federation.

They said, and I quote while translating in English:

Maybe we should quickly offer a legal platform to download movies, like iTunes does for music.

I mean like WTF! These guys are getting it or what? No trying to sue the little guy sharing a file on the internet or what? No trying to put some silly ass copy protection schemes on DVDs?

Where’s the world going to these days. I think I just saw a pig fly by. Maybe I’ll better get me a sweater oslt, before hell freezes over.

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