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google feed reader update

Google Reader (the Google online RSS reader) got a bigass update last week, and although I’m practically using it daily I didn’t really look into any of the new features it has until now.

Once again they improved on an already good concept, so Bigup the Google kru! Boh!
Keeping up with a ton of websites is easy peasy with this web app, and it’s fast too. I love the shortcut keys, which makes it easy to process a ton of items in no time by clicking the j/k keys for the next & previous function, while starring the items you want to read later on with “s”.

It also includes a sharing functionality now (shift-s), which is funny because I faked exactly the same thing with the previous version by publishing a feed of all the items I labeled with a “share” label.

No need to do that anymore I guess, and now I also have a neat looking share page as well. I’m pumping it through feedburner as well, because it doesn’t seem to pick up using the firstRSS plugin, probably because Google is publishing an atom feed, and not a plain RSS one.

I’m using firstRSS/sideRSS to publish a “what I’m reading” list in the sidebar in case you’re wondering. It seems to be nicer to do it that way than post a ton of links on the blog every day right?

Thought so!

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