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geeks, watch your backs

This article on how to avoid back pain while geeking away in front of a computer has some solid tips in it (thx Lifehacker). I have been suffering from back pains for several months a while ago, and reading this it just came to me how a lo of little things made the difference in the end to get rid of the whole damn nuisance.

When I look back at it the most important things where:

  • Sit correctly. that means your setup, keyboard/mouse/screen distance and sitting in a good position (90 degree angles for arms and legs).
  • Get a bloody good chair, everywhere. Not just the one at work, but you need a good one at home as well, and while you are at it, fix that car seat as well so you get the maximum of support for your back. An exercise ball can be good too, even if it’s just to have a little variation in what you’re sitting on.
  • Get rid of that wallet in your back pocket when you’re sitting down. It’s silly how little this one is, and how much difference it made for me.
  • Move your ass. Every minute you’re not sitting makes a difference. Go get a cup ‘o coffee, go have a chat instead of picking up the phone. All that.
  • Get some exercise. Again time away from that computer. Instead of spending your time gaming, surfing or blogging, try swimming. Bloody good exercise btw, and in the water you are putting the least strain on your bones and back, so it’s extra-good for back pain.

Check out the links for more detailed tips on how to sit etc, and geek on friends.

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