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corrupting windows updates

It looks like that keeping an eye out for your updates manually, and not have your Windows update install automatically is a good idea after all.
I knew this was handy so they couldn’t just shove yet another DRM or Windows Media Player update down your pipe but this is really topping it.

Apparently if the MS06-049 / KB920958 patch is installed you run the risk of corrupting your files. To quote the slashdot article I got this from:

If you have compression activated on any folder, then the compressed data is at risk from corruption. New files that are close to a multiple of 4K in size will have their last 4,000 bytes or so overwritten with 0xDF. Although this problem has been reported to Microsoft, as yet there appears to have been no official announcement

The best part is… Microsoft doesn’t really seem to be in a hurry to patch this one either. Nice!

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