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aphex twin wallpaper love

Since all the links to awesome Aphex Twin wallpaper goodness have gone dead since the original post, I thought I’d give this baby a makeover, find some new wallpapers and post them right here.

If the below ones turn up dead again at some point in the future (which I’m sure they will, it’s the nature of teh interwebz) you can always try your luck with a good Flickr search and hope you’ll strike gold.

In the meanwhile, here’s some nice ones I just found.

Textured Aphex Twin logo widescreen desktop wallpaper - 1680x1050
by gentlepurespace, cc-licensed, mirrored by yours truly.

Chosen Lords Album Closeup
by zomgcar, cc-licensed, also mirrored.

Aphex Twin // 2
by ℐules.ℛ94, copyrighted, so no mirror here.

Also check this follow up post for some more options!

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