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banksy pwned paris hilton

Paris Hilton, naked, just the way we like her.I always loved the social criticism Banksy spread through the streets with his stencil and graffiti art, and his occasional pranks, like the one where he put some of his own art in the Brooklyn museum. But his last one where he enhanced 500 copies of the first and hopefully last Paris Hilton CD with his own views of her well earned fame really puts the cherry on the pie.

There’s this video up at youtube on how the whole thing was done, which is nice, and if you feel like taking a closer look at the art itself, you can check out these images I ripped and posted in my flickr gallery.

Credits where credits are due however, so I have to say I ripped the pictures from a myspace contant of mine going by the name of SirKazm, another Banksy fan, and judging from the URL’s to the images came from, he got them from the celebrity gossip blog called The Gossip Rag. If you’re into news like Jessica Alba’s fetish for dolphins, this might be a site for you.

The thought of this all will make it at least a bit more bearable to hear that bubble-gum pop reggae crap tune being played so bloody much on the commercial radio stations these days.

Just a bit though.

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