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free brainfood (as in books)

It’s time to feed the brain once again with a selection of free literature, downloadable in PDF format off the infamous internet. Yes indeed, and I think there’s some for everyones taste for once, and not only the geeks amoung us.

Talking geeks, lets kick off with seeing to their needs. How about some security tips? We can sure use those in these OS exploiting trojan days can’t we?

Well these free security guides for Windows and the Internet might be just what you are looking for (thanks Lifehacker). Even if you think you know pretty much everything there is to know about the subject, it’s still interesting enough to take a peek at them. You’re bound to learn something new in this pretty extensive guides.
There’s a hardware security guide in there as well, but that link didn’t quite work for me unfortunately. I was quite curious as to what that would be all about. Hanging a bill ball’o chain on your laptop perhaps? I’d like to know!

But enough geeking out already. How about some good old literature? Like the good old classics such as Dante’s Inferno or Shakespeare’s Hamlet?
Well you can download these and other out-of-copyright books straight off Google’s Book service these days. All you need to know to get your ass some yummy oldskool text is published on the Google Blog.

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