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desktop screenshot all glitched up

Some days everything you touch seems to be turning to shit doesn’t it, and I had one of those days recently. My cellphone was acting all funny on me for starters. Refusing to ring when it should have for instance. It didn’t make a sound for some reason. Anyway, the good old magical reboot trick that works so well sometimes for computers worked on the Motorola phone as well Even the software on phones has its bugs I guess.

Then I wanted to plug this old PC back into the grid at work and wham! With a snappy bang the power unit blew up with a nice little flame coming out of the vent, blowing out a whiff of smoke, and leaving a really nasty burning smell hanging around the cubicle farm. No more starting up that baby I guess…

Then I got home and after about a half hour of having my PC turned on, my screen suddenly went all whoopass on me, copying blocks randomly and misfiring pixels all over the place. I tried a bunch of things, but it turns out to be my video card that’s all fux0red somehow, though still operating to some extend (check the pic).

Weird stuff. Kinda artistic looking according to some, but I’d rather have a plain card instead of a Picaso one really.
Time to go shopping for a new card I guess then, cause this old one I’m using now is slower than a turtle… that smoked a killer blunt… and is on it’s frigging back… in the sand!

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