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cold hard beats for hot times

Since we are being hit by a massive heatwave right now, how about some cold electronic beats to take the edge off the summer?

I ran into this free torrent tracker a while ago hosting a number of good variety of hardcore DJ sets ranging from drum’n’bass to hardcore and breakcore.
To see all the sets posted ever, and not just those posted last month, be sure to change the “Posts from” search field to “all the time” and then relaunch the search.

Personnaly I’m digging the Panacea set from Intransigent night (duh, I posted it), the DJ Producer at Resident Evil set, and the Mark N “JJJ Mixup” set a lot.

If you’re digging these as well, be sure to show your appreciation by spending some of your upstream bandwith by seeding those sweet mixes for the rest of the internet population. We all hate leeches don’t we?

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