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life sucks and then you die

No this is not the typicabe a dreamer ironic inspirational posterl teen angst negativist post you might be expecting, cause I’m way passed that teen stage and heading strong for that mid-life crisis we all love. This post is more of a counter reaction to those American dream-like, “be all you can be”, yoga-crap posts like this Be a dreamer I came across a while ago.

I used to be reading stuff like that and think, “Yeah, they’re right, I can realize my dreams, I can be that person.” and went all yoga stylee on myself. I’m not saying it’s bad to try that, hell no, but in a way it’s a bull isn’t it.

The universe doesn’t want to give you everything in abundance, nor the life you dream of. We’d all be pornstars then right? In reality the universe doesn’t give a damn about you, and doesn’t care if you die now or tomorrow. Tell that black kid with the swollen belly in Somalia to “be a dreamer” or the Cambodian teen forced into prostitute. Now that would feel sorta cynical wouldn’t it.

“Dream big, talk big, and work for it”.

Good advice.
If you’re born in a good family, during peace time, in a country with a stable government, with the cash to get you a proper education, and life is kind enough to let you live long enough to enjoy it.

“We are the all singing all dancing crap of the world” Tyler said, and he’s right. So if you’re one of the lucky ones, and since you can read and have an internet connection it looks like you are, maybe it ain’t so bad to be mediocre for a change, and consider yourself lucky that the chance is rather small your town will get raided tonight by renegade soldiers to steal the cattle, execute the men and rape the women.

How about that, you lucky bastard?

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