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XP eye candy screenshotI came across this link to something new and super-shiny called BumpTop 3D. It’s a 3D representation of a real desktop (like on top of your desk, where that word came from in the first place), where you can manipulate files (the digital ones) by moving them, and piling them like you would on a real desk.


Well at least it looks neato. But I don’t see the point really. I keep my desktop as clear as possible when it comes to shortcuts and files, so why on earth would I feel like piling them on top of each other, making it only harder to find them right?

While imitate a real life mess into a digital desktop if you can sort everything out with a good (desktop) search tool. Like Google desktop search, or any of the other around which are probably nearly equally good. That’s the kind of power the digital realm can offer, and frankly I wouldn’t mind some more search functionality in real life either.

Think of a big cabinet at work where everybody simply dumps his files and documents in. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just search that cabinet in under 5 seconds and get what you were looking for? Now that would be innovative.

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