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more breakcore mp3s than you can throw a usb stick at

Aight, time for some more beats I’d say.
How about some wicked ass sets by DJ’s you probably haven’t heard of before. Unless you’ve been reading this blog for a while, and you’ve checked some of the sets I linked to. Or unless you’re on some of the mailinglists I’m on. Or unless you are one of them… Or… well, anyway, here they are.

I came across another set by Fucknose, which is pretty jungle-core-ragga-tastic.

shitmat – badman ballard [planet-mu]
shitmat – vengance of the whitehawk townies [death$ucker]
chosen few – all you muthafuckers [mokum]
remarc – rip [suburban base]
technohead – uneasy toon [mokum]
fucknose – em16 (demo) []
exile – big bad purple bad boy [planet-mu]
arkon – the wired [intrasigent]
kovert – trangressor [vinyl weaponry]
panacea – total destruction [ambush]
kid606 – slammin’ ragga bootleg track [tigerbeat6]
ace of bass – all that she wants [metranome]
squarepusher – come on my selector [warp]
knifehandchop – not for the ladies bastard (bastardized oldstylin v1) [irritant]
soundmurderer – dangerours [rewind]
hellfish – bring on the hurricane pain [deathchant]
dj zinc – super sharp shooter [parousia]
aaron spectre – 1600 penn, ftw [omeko]

If that got you wanting more of that earsplitting goodness, you should try out sets by the man like R-Type (I know, MC NJ in da house bwoy).
He’s got some webspace over at which has a bunch of his livesets up for download. I’ve been having these ones around for quite a while on my HD and I frequently find myself queueing them up for playage, so they simply have to rock don’t they?

Enjoy, and don’t forget to brush your ears afterwards.

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