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regulating traffic through chaos

This video is pretty interesting. An apparently complete chaotic traffic system without any signs or roadmarks seems to be working fluently.

Makes you wonder if the same thing would work in European cities. I’ve heard about projects where all traffic signs where removed so that users are forced into alertness and social interaction, and they do seem to work in some cases (see this Wired article). For high traffic roads I guess this isn’t a good solution, but for small town centres it might work peachy.

Like when this idiot sees the car in front of him stop, forcing him to stop as well, and then realising that he’s actually blocking a side street now. Like he couldn’t see that happen in advance because the whole road ahead is filled with cars. I’ve seen this happen so many times before where people just drive ahead anyway, creating a deadlock situation, and then realise they got themselves and everybody else in traffic with them completely stuck.
Maybe this is caused by the fact that people are driving on auto pilot, disregarding traffic around them, when they know they have the right of way. Or maybe some people are just stupid.

I found the vid here thru here. The Wired article quoted before comes from a link in the original posts comments.

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