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nuclear bunker buster loophole

a nuclear sunset by Michael HeilemannIf there’s one thing thats a scary development in the evolution of the US army it’s the fact that certain nuclear weapons -the nuclear bunker busters- have now become so called conventional weapons.
This means these bombs can be deployed by any 4 star general as he sees fit, without having to go through the complex nuke procedure we’ve all seen in several war and disaster movies before.

I heard about this before by watching a video (torrent or direct link from of Michel Chossudovsky speaking at the Perdana Peace Forum 2005 in Kuala Lumpur, but I didn’t realise at the time he was talking about these bunker busters. Just recently I came across a link with an animation of what those bombs are supposed to be doing, and how they will be causing more damage than they are causing due to nuclear fallout and possibly even spreading biological or toxic agents.

This flash animation gives an overview of what might be happening if these nukes are deployed in Iran (through Hypocrisy weblog).


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