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about 2 wool pullers

it's just reality distortedI wrote about how computers are used to manipulate what we see on television and in magazines daily to the extreme before, and today I ran into some more crazy evidence while on a clicking spree although the interweb.

I ended up on this french site called ipub which is all about wicked looking ads, and a post that linked to 2 graphic artists who did some totaly amasing retouching, or in some case, recreative sessions.
The first is Glen Honiball, which is mostly into retouching pictures. He gets crap base material to work with in a lot of cases, and turns them into a picture perfect scene to be used in ads. Foods looks better, girls look prettier and cars are shinier after he’s done with them. Nice!
The second artist is Taylor James which did that Coke Christmas ad you’ve probably all seen. The Coke snowy landscape Christmas scene is one of those works where he takes a bunch of unrelated pictures and turns them into a full blown landscape. Pretty bloody amasing how these guys master Photoshop if you ask me (but you didn’t).

It makes you think though, or at least it makes me think. Nothing we see on television or in magazines can be trusted for real. Every single picture has been altered and “perfected”. Nothing we didn’t know before, but it still managed to surprise me when I see these kind of images how far it’s extending.

You can’t even trust a picture of a spoon full of soup ffs.

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Hehe, I didn’t quite look at it like that, but yeah, it looks kinda oldskool alright.

You’d think with the amazing retouching work by Glen Honiball that he’d know the difference between an elegant website and this circa 1996 one he’s rocking. How can he allow for this. The site is painful while the images are breathtaking. Tsk tsk…

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