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Pfweew. Finally got things up and running on my own domain using WordPress as the blogging tool of choice.
Wordpress itself was a piece of cake to setup really, but I wanted to keep the same layout as my blogger site and that turned out to be quite some work to get things to work properly. Importing the content from Blogger worked without flaws as well, which was definitely a relief. Even comments got imported nicely, which I didn’t quite expect.
Why the change? Well, even though Blogger is pretty good to set up a quick blog I was itching to get my hands dirty and have more control over the CMS engine itself. WordPress itselfs has a few nifty features worth switching anyway if you have a php powered server at your fingertips. The categories for instance is something that’s definitely missing in Blogger imo, and the embedded search option will kick that Blogger search’s ass, as I noticed a lot of my earlier posts weren’t showing up in there at all.

I’ll still be doing some tweaks and pokes in the coming weeks I suppose as I’m not 100% satisfied with everything yet (mostly layout wise) but it’ll do for now. If you’d happen to find something that isn’t quite working yet, be so nice as to leave me a comment will ya, I’d really appreciate it.

Don’t forget to update your rss feed readers if you’re using them. The feeds are now being run through feedburner, to see where they get picked up, and if it’ll drive more trafic to the site or not.

Time to get back to some posting now I guess!

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