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dj cetra vs. inyoung – hardcore wars 6

This brand new gabber mix set I came across a while ago is worth the download if you feel like getting a good phat dose of distorted 909 kicks for breakfast. It’s the sixth release of the Hardcore Wars sage and in this one NBR founder & Distorted Trauma member DJ Cetra as well as Terror Trax artist DJ Inyoung have picked up the gaunlet.

I seriously don’t know these guys myself, but it was in the email, so I might as well mention it here right. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if I know them or not, as long as the set contains some tight mixing and some kick ass tracks, which it does.

So without further ado, you can download the zipfile with both hardcore sets here and hear for yourself, and/or read more about it at the Nuthin’But Respect site kindly hosting the sets.


Mix 1 By DJ Inyoung

1. Re Style – Sacrifice
2. Bionic Commanders – All Good. All Right
3. DJ D – Samara (Fckd-Up Mix)
4. Scott Brown – Blast Your Ass
5. Menace II Society – Fear Of Others
6. DJ Paul & DJ D – Furious Anger
7. Dione – To Raise Hell
8. The Viper – Bulletproof
9. MOC – Skullfuck
10. Endymion – Pussy Motherfuckerz
11. Dione – I Grab My Nine
12. Aesop Rock – Daylight

Mix 2 By Cetra

1. Ophidian & Tapage – Complex
2. Nosferatu & Endymion – Kapotiaaien (Bukake Mix by D’spyre)
3. Wedlock vs Comababy / Void Sector / Legend Memorandum – Solitude (Decrypted by Ophidian)
4. Enzyme X21 – Illuminati
5. Promo – Don’t Be Fuckin’ With My Shit
6. Nosferatu – Unpredictable
7. Meccano Twins – Intro-mission (Mental Wreckage remix)
8. Ophidian & Tapage – The Mine
9. Unexist – Paranoia
10. Lenny Dee & Tieum – I Don’t Like You Either
11. DJ Jappo and Lacinhouse – exlxaxl (Dt6 Remix)
12. Wedlock vs Comababy / Void Sector / Legend Memorandum – Tremor (Decrypted by Ruffneck Meander)

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