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I came across this website the other day from one of the CGI artists that did some of the rendering for movies like The Matrix and Catwoman (Halle Berry, in a tight suit, that one).
Well, I have to say they definitely tricked me. I know a lot of processing went into the Matrix since jumping off walls, doing backfilps while shooting guns with both hands isn’t something an ordinary human pulls off without breaking his damn neck in the process, but still I was thinking they used cables and stuff to do so, like I saw in this making-off thing.

Turns out some of the shots where pure CGI. The realism of Neo’s face, or agent Smith for instance is bloody amazing. I can’t tell the different, and of course that was the whole plan. It’s scary in a way isn’t it. Who needs actors these days, except to put them in a 3D scanner first to you render their bodies with software and make them do completely unearthly stunts.

Talking of putting bodies in scanners. Judging from the pics on that site he had at some point the privilege of having a detailed scan of Halle Berrys body on his computer, willingly executing every command he could throw at it…

that’ll teach those who calling him a geek for spending so much time messing around with graphics software, ha!

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