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you wouldn't believe how much time I spent making this silly pictureGlobal hotkeys is something I discovered in Winamp a while ago, and have been using ever since. After activating it in the preferences you can perform all winamp controls using a bunch of keyboard shortcuts.

“Too lazy to use the mouse ey”, I hear you think, but no, that’s not it, I swear. Have you ever been stuck inside a full screen online first person shooter and suddenly some lameass mp3 that snuck it’s way into your playlist starts blasting through your speakers and you have to sit out 3 minutes (if you’re lucky the song is that short) of some pop diva’s latest hit because you felt like doing a breakcore remix of it but never got around to it?

Maybe not the breakcore thing, but still, something simular must have happened at one time, and those nifty hotkeys are there to save your game when it does. Instead of having to CTRL-ESC your way back to the desktop (slowly, you’re machine is swapping it’s ass off right now), activate Winamp, click the next button and switch back to your game (slowly, cause it’s swapping it’s ass of again now) and see your corpse appear as you’ve been fragged about 3 minutes ago already… you can simply press CTRL-ALT-PAGEDOWN to switch to the next song in your playlist while remaining ingame.
How cool is that?

I’ll tell ya, it’s supahcool… and rather geeky, but the heck with it.

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Absolutly right on. Don’t really do gaming on the PC, but easier for directing mates when I’m on the xbox.
Personally, I use the same keys that control Winamp normally (z,x,c,v,b) and Ctrl-Alt.

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