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license agreements suck

A girl with a copyright (c) on her arm.  A statement for sure.Seriously, who ever reads those damn things anyway. You have to be a bloody lawyer to get it at all, and when I’m on the verge of installing this neat new hip piece of software on my machine, I really don’t feel like sitting down for 15 minutes and read through some boring legal text…. aaaargh!
But then again, you might end up getting screwed by Sony if you don’t right… oh wait, they didn’t put the phone-home ability in the license agreement did they… well, just another reason why not to read em I guess.

But what would be really cool, is a simple way to identify what kind of license you have in front of you. I’m thinking along the lines of CC copyleft licenses for instance. Oh sure, there’s legal text there, but you can skip that and go straight to the simple explanations.

Like Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike shizzle, pretty clear innit?

Pretty much says it all once you’ve gone through the licenses, and you don’t even have to bother about the legal mumbo jumbo unless you get off on that kind of stuff, you geeky lawyer type you!

So how about that? Wouldn’t that be cool? Can someone dish up some of those licenses, so we only have to look at a single line of text, or maybe even a cool graphic that represents the kind of license a piece of software is packaged with?

Maybe Sony should have one with an icon where someone takes it up the b-hind, or that goatse picture which they’ve tricked us into watching way too many times before… it would suit nicely wouldn’t it?

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