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start 2006 with a laugh

First post for 2006 and it’s already the 9th, oh boy, not a good start right, but hey, I’ve been busy, really, I swear!
With all the partying and new year visits and settings up some website stuff I didn’t get around to posting here. On the other hand, since I haven’t spent a lot of time surfing the web during my rather short holiday I didn’t have that much to post about either, so why bother then right? I prefer quality of quantity, and hopefully my 2 readers will approve… hehe…

it's giganight!!!First of all happy newyear to ya’ll. May 2006 be a good one for us all.
Anyway, back on track I guess, still not having to much to say, but my bro sent me this link to a comic site I’ve never seen before from a guy named Nicholas Gurewitch, and frankly, I’ve been laughing my arse off with these fine pieces or art!

They are simply hilarious! Check out the archives (the link to them somehow doesn’t work on the main page) for an hour of laughs if your sense of humour is anywhat like mine. And it ain’t just funny either. This guy has talent as he seems to be mastering a bunch of different styles fitting for each type of comic. Sweet!

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